Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Shelf Analysis - YA has a Heart Attack

You might have heard that the Vampire Academy books in the UK are to be rereleased with brand new covers.  Very exciting, of course, as it is bound to attract more readers – hopefully by the masses.  And despite how lovely the new cover is, I can not say that I am a fan.  Why?  Well, take a look.

Last Sacrifice by Richelle Mead – New Edition

Finding Sky by Joss Stirling
This book has suffered from its cover, at least on my behalf.  I saw it in the store and thought it was Claire de Lune!  It wasn’t until I saw The Bookette’s review that I remembered that I had seen this book on the shelves… that said, really want a copy!


Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma 
One of the few times this cover is applicable.  Hello, incestuous relationship?  Certainly merits a barbed-wire heart.

Claire de Lune by Christine Johnson 
Not quite as hearty as some of the other covers, but it is still clear what they were going for!


The Dark and Hollow Places by Carrie Ryan
Love this cover, but my goodness gracious is it ever the same as the cover of Forbidden!

The Fortune of Carmen Navarro by Jen Bryant
This is the US cover, but I think the UK cover will be the same.  Lovely ghost-smoke effect… but, er, yeah.

I noticed the glaring similarities between The Dark and Hollow Places and Forbidden a couple of months ago, but it seems that publishers have gone crazy with this new trend.  When is unfortunate is that, unless you are really focussing, these covers blur together.  Unlike the Twilight-effect on YA covers – which, at least, resulted in some vaguely distinguishable book covers – I have a feeling all of these books will just blend together and then no one will end up buying any of them.  *frets*  Is no one else worried?


  1. oh dear... this is bordering on heart attack level BAD. I like the cover fine for Forbidden, but the Dark and Hollow Places and the Vampire Academy series both have beautiful covers in the US... I don't see why they wouldn't want to reuse a perfectly gorgeous cover. Good detective work on your part, anyway. :)

  2. Oh yes. I see what you mean. There are many books with similar coverings. I prefer the other vampire academy cover art. But evn though it still is pretty.
    Thanks for the post. I didn't even know about this until know (:


  3. I don't like the new VA covers, and really like the ones we have now. I don't think they needed rejacketing like this, but oh well.

    I don't mind the other covers, though I agree Finding Sky is very similar to the others and TD&HP/Forbidden are pretty much identical. Bad times.

    I think this might be a cover trend we'll see around for a while, but at the end of the day, how many hearts can you use before everything starts to look the same?

  4. Hopping over from the Bookette,I'm also a UK book blogger.
    I've got Forbidden waiting here to be read, whilst I don't mind the cover, I can see your point and I agree. It may be a better step for sales for books to not be *that* similar. It is easy sometimes to judge a book by its cover :(

  5. Well spotted, a definite trend there. I quite like the new VA covers as a series though! More so than the ones we have now. Personally I'm not hating any of them though but can see your point about them merging into one.

  6. Book covers always seem to go through a phase - there are still a lot of black covers with a blood/red-tinted item on them. I've evens seen now edition of Janey Eyre in that style! Hoping it's just a method of appealling to those who haven't read it yet!

    By the way - have an award for you at my place :) - http://melsrandomblogs.blogspot.com/2010/11/life-is-good-my-first-award.html



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