About Me

Er, hi there.  Welcome to Dead Book Darling - I'm Kay, a rather fanatical book lover, and I'll be your host.* I dislike lengthy biographies, so I've made you a lovely series of easy-to-read lists.  Enjoy.

The Site
Dead Book Darling is:
  • A book blog (and only a book blog) featuring reviews, news and other literary tid-bits that may be of interest.
  • A venue for all opinions.  If you disagree with a review of mine, tell to me about it.  If you agree, let me know why!  (Just try to be polite about it - haters are creepy.)
  • Run by me, me and only me.  All the opinions expressed in this blog are my own, unless stated otherwise.
  • A Cision Top 10 Teen Literature Blog (2010 and 2011). No idea what that means exactly, but I'm extremely proud nonetheless.
Dead Book Darling is not:
  • A Kelley Armstrong fanpage despite often being mistaken for one.
  • A place where you'll find pictures of me - I find that kinda creepy.
  • Run by vampires, demons or zombies (although we do get the occasional werewolf).

The Blogger

Five things related to my reading habits:
  1. I dislike it when people judge a book by its genre. All books are born equal.
  2. I pride myself on writing honest reviews and think it's essential to highlight the positive, the negative, and the mediocre.
  3. The more I read, the more I blog.  When I'm not blogging, that means I'm probably not reading.
  4. If a book is set in or around World War II, I probably won't want to read it.  Same goes for anything related to King Arthur or Henry VIII.  The market is just over-saturated on all these fronts...
  5. Book covers are important - don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
Five things unrelated to my reading habits:
  1. I'm a vegetarian with vegan ambitions.  If you are interested in more information about the health benefits of a vegetarian diet, visit the Physician's Committee for Responsible Medicine website.  
  2. I believe we are ethically required to treat our planet with respect - the third rock from the Sun is the only home we have!
  3. I'm a catholic-atheist who does not like talking about "belief".  If you've got faith, good for you.  Just don't talk to me about it.
  4. Traveling is my thing.  Thank goodness for low-cost carriers.
  5. Writing (non-fiction) is my day-job - which makes me really, really lucky.
You can also find me on:

Website Info

Books for Review / Disclaimer (aka Bias and Other Reasons Not to Trust Me)
I accept review books and you can read my For Authors and Publishers Page for more info about that. In short,  if I read a review book and don't like it, my review will say as much. I will - on occasion - host an author for a guest post or interview.

Unless I explicitly state that I have received a book from the publisher, you can assume I purchased it with my own money. I am not a member of Amazon Associates or any other benefits group and receive no remuneration for my reviews.

Image Sources
Book Covers - Google-fu and Fantastic Fiction tend to be my main sources for book covers.  Occasionally I  use covers straight from a Publisher's website/catalog.  Some people are iffy about using covers from a Publisher catalog, but I take the "if it's online, it's public" opinion (unless it's been put out without author/publisher approval).

Monday Reading - I use all sorts of images to accompany my Monday Reading posts - most of which I find at tumblr. I've been trying to link the image to it's original source, but I have been known to forget.  If you see something posted here that is yours and you'd like credit or a link back, please email me.

The art used in the header image is by the amazing Chris Howard.  You can find the original illustration here. The blog html code is by Gisele Jaquenod, with edits by myself.

Miss the old layout?
So do I.

* Your ghost-host.


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