Friday, July 16, 2010

Shelf Analysis: Forbidden vs. The Dark and Hollow Places

Soo... I was checking out the lovely UK cover to Carrie Ryan's third book The Dark and Hollow Places and I had a slight WTF moment. Just take a look:


Yup, that's right.  The Zombie Apocalypse book and the Incestuous Teen Romance have virtually the same cover.  Totally gorgeous covers, I'll admit - but seriously?  *stares*

Now, apparently the whole barbed wire thing is quite relevant to The Dark and Hollow Places plot.  And the whole forbidden romance thing is really expressed wonderfully on the cover of Forbidden.

Despite the ludicrous similarity - I am totally down with barbed wire hearts becoming the new Twilight cover.  I much prefer this UK cover of The Dark and Hollow Places over the US cover.  I still believe the cover to Forbidden is absolutely  perfect for the content.


  1. LOL! A very strange coincidence :o

    I do prefer The Dark & Hollow Places over Forbidden, the whole bloody metal / concrete background looks great behind the barbed wire heart.

  2. Hmmm... I can't help but thing book cover designers need to be a bit more aware of other covers that are being produced. I'm biased though. I am not into zombie books. Love Forbidden.

  3. i wonder if images are for sale like different fonts also are, and that explains all the same/similar book covers? i really like the cover for the dark and hollow places and looking forward to reading it when it comes out.

  4. Wow, I never twigged the similarity until I saw this post. Another case of a stock photo?

    I must admit, I do like both covers, and they are different enough to not cause a problem. I haven't seen the US cover for The Dark and Hollow Places - has it been released yet?

  5. @Becky - You would think that cover artists would have someone in charge of checking out the competition. Apparently not.

    @mummazappa - That's an interesting thought... I know that some publishers "pass off" covers they don't use to other publishers... but, hmm.

    @Jenny - The barbed-wire crosses are just slightly different, so I think it was more a case of the publishers not really checking out what else had just hit the YA stands. And, yes, the US cover for The Dark and Hollow Places has come out - looky here!

  6. OOh! I've never seen the cover the Dark and Hollow Places before, I much prefer it over Forbidden. It's the texture behind it that does it for me!



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