Saturday, March 26, 2011

Lauren Oliver + Book Bloggers = Too Much Love

Ok, so y'all have probably heard about the stupendous Lauren Oliver event that Hodder hosted for book bloggers. It has been all over the blogosphere for two simple reasons:
  1. Lauren Oliver is quite possibly the nicest, smartest, loveliest, most genuine person you'll ever meet and I want her as my BFF.
  2. They plastered us with cocktails in teacups, and signed books.
I was really lucky to be invited along and had a fabulous time meeting Lauren and all you book bloggers! I don't want to go through a blow-by-blow description of the great time I had as a lot of bloggers have already posted far more eloquent descriptions of the day. Jenny from Wondrous Reads (who I am such a friggin' fangirl of  ♥) has a lovely event report - as does Carla from The Crooked Shelf (it's true people, she is exactly like her blog) and Tara from Hobbitsies.

So, if this isn't an event re-cap, why the showing-off post?  Well, I wanted to share the great video of the event that Hodder has just put up.  This thing made me teary eyed and I even sent it to my mother - just watch it and see why!  (Also, you can play "spot the book blogger", as everyone was there.)


  1. It was an ace event, and I'm so glad we got to hang out. <3 We will definitely get together soon and do Foyles/FP/Camden. Until then, I think I'll just annoy you on Twitter and over email ;)

    The more I watch that video the more I realise how important Lauren's books are. Well done Hodder!

  2. Wow! That looked like a great event! You are so lucky to have been a part of it. Lauren Oliver seems like such a great person, I'll be sure to attend her next event in my area.

  3. What a very special event to be a part of. Just goes to show what a great community we have that authors like Lauren and her publisher see book bloggers as valuable.

  4. It looks like such an amazing event. I wish I could have been there. Lauren looks like an amazing person.



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