Sunday, July 11, 2010

In My Mailbox (July 11th, 2010)

In My Mailbox is hosted by Kristi at The Story Siren (inspired by Alea of Pop Culture Junkie) and explores the content of your mailbox.

I looove my books this week! I went a bit YA-mad at Foyles as everything was 10% off and it was to be my last trip there for many months.  *sigh*  Which is probably a good thing, considering this gives them a chance to refresh the stock.  *snickers*  I also had some great luck at charity shops, so I managed to get a lot of books without feeling guilty over their prices.  Which is a lovely thing...

From the top:

And a few of these were signed!  The Eternal Kiss (won from LE) was sent by the lovely Dame Kaz, who also had Maria V. Snyder sign it.  It's a looovely two-for-one and I was very excited when I got it.  *pets*

I also picked up Sarwat Chadda's first novel.  Luckily, Foyles still had some of his signed editions left from the Summer Scream event!

So... how was your week?  ♥


  1. Dude, what a week! The Eternal Kiss and Devil's Kiss are both ace. Kaz's story about Moth in EK is fab! :)

    Poor Foyles... I hope they recover soon ;)

  2. I always, always come by your blog for IMM because it's like book porn for me. hahah! Your blog is probably one of the favourite blog finds I have ever made. Not just because of the awesome UK covers you get but because you give me such great book ideas!

    Coram Boy sounds so interesting and I think I'll be adding that to my book depo wishlist. I think you're the one who first introduced me to WILDTHORN as well... I know it was a UK blog.

    I have only read one Robin McKinley book (The Hero and the Crown) and I loved the writing style. Sadly she's never on my mind when I am in a store!

  3. I keep fingeringingThe Fallen 1 n by Thomas E Sniegoski whenever I go into the bookstore, but I haven't grabbed it yet. I haven't heard anything (good or bad) about it so I was slightly hesitant, but something about it just draws me to it. I'll eventually get it. I'm definitely curious what you think of it.

  4. Oooh, The Fallen is something I keep eyeing as well.

    Check out our Mailbox at BookSake.

  5. I am curious how you will like Angelogoly, I hated it. It's just stupid. But the other books look interesting :-)



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