Sunday, March 28, 2010

In My Mailbox (Mar. 28th, 2010) - AKA WEEK OF AWESOME

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Okay, I went crazy this week.  Totally and utterly insane.  Why you ask?  Well, it is not because I bought a lot of books - rather, that I bought a bunch of books I already own!

Two words, people: SIGNED COPIES.  First off, there was the amazing Kelley Armstrong signing - where I got two more copies (now with lovely dedications) of The Summoning and The Awakening.  I also asked her to sign a hardback copy of Frostbitten  (but never mind that, as it does not fit with my theme.)

And while I was there, I figured I might as well roll with it.  SO - because I had to miss both the Richelle Mead AND Charlaine Harris signings - I got signed copies of their books as well.  From Forbidden Planet, I got a second copy of Dead until Dark by Charlaine Harris and Succubus Blues by Richelle Mead.  I then popped up the road to Foyles and got the a old-UK-edition signed copy of Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead.  So now I have three books signed by Richelle Mead, and have not even met the dear lady!  It is actually rather odd.

On the non-signed front, I got two amazing books - one of which resulted in its very own post of OMGSQUEE.  The Mystery of Grace by Charles de Lint which I had been wanting for quite a while, and...
THE RECKONING by Kelley Armstrong!

Needless to say, I was very excited to get my hands on it almost two weeks early.  I stumbled upon it completely by chance at a Waterstone's (whose identity I shall keep secret in order not to alert them of their mistake) and snatched it off the shelf before someone could pry it from my cold, dead hands.  I did have a slight moment of panic as I went up to the till, wondering if some sort of warning alarm would alert them of their error.  Needless to say, it did not.  And I?  Well I am a very, very happy bunny.  ♥

Okay, I am done cooing over all my new, shiny, lovely, beauuuuuutiful books.

Or, maybe I'm not.  ;)  Happy, HAPPY week!


  1. haha you are a bit crazy :P But I think I'd do the same in your situation. Great books nevertheless! Richelle Mead's books are my favourites. Just read Succubus Shadows this week and loved it! Here's mine

  2. LOL! Awesome way to legally smuggle a book out. XD

    Great book!

  3. Looks like you got loads of great books this week. Hope you enjoy them :)

  4. Wow you did get some fantastic books. I love the Sookie Stackhouse books and I will be reading Vampire Academy this week.

  5. @Manda - Yep. I think this week has turned me slightly insane. ;)

    @Carrie - I KNOW RIGHT? I fell in love for that cover and really can't wait to read it!

    @Dazzling Mage - Legal smuggling = how I wish I got all my ARC-wishlist!

    @Christina T - You will love the VA series. Guaranteed.

  6. Jack pot! I love all of these authors! Such great books, enjoy.



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