Monday, February 4, 2013

February TBR 2013: Review-book-palooza!

This month's bounty is being held by pirate!Winnie the Pooh!
Last year, I wrote a rather long post about how blogging can overwhelm me out sometimes. I get review books and, instead of being excited about them, I feel horrifically guilty because I know I probably won't get to read most of them. So this month, I am going to only tackle that guilt head on and only read books I received for review!

Loads of these books have already come out (one on the pile came out in 2011), but they are all ones I've really, really wanted to read:
When between books, I continue to work on A Clash of Kings by George R. R. Martin - which I will finish one day, dammit!


  1. I'll be tackling Days of Blood and Starlight this month too! Good luck. ;)

    I think I should do this kind of blog post too, since I've kind of got a schedule down this month. I actually write down beforehand which books I plan to read for the month. In January it worked out pretty well. Funnily enough, I'm doing a bit of the opposite this year. I'm going to try getting in some books I bought as well as review books. I always feel guilty about buying more and more books when I don't end up reading any!

    **And I really enjoyed Fracture! Hope you do too!

    1. Cass, I can totally recommend the monthly TBR posts. I just started them in January, and they've really helped me focus my reading. I used to be a bit skeptical, as they seemed a bit constricting, but if you are doing a schedule anyways.... :)

      Days of Blood and Starlight is supposed to be stellar - so I don't think either of us will have trouble getting into it! Glad to hear you enjoyed Fracture... though I am still slightly apprehensive.



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