Monday, January 21, 2013

A Winter's Respite Read-a-thon 2013

Despite being a huge fan of readathons, I've actually only ever participated in a couple (and all of them the Dewey's 24 hour ones - which are OMG so much fun). For some reason, I always seem to miss them!

So when I happened upon Kay's (The Infinite Curio) starting post for the Winter's Respite Readathon today, I figured it must be fate. Unlike the 24 hour readathons I've participated in, this one is a whole week long. Very very different experience, I'd imagine, so I am eager to see how I will enjoy it.

So, what is this readathon all about? As Michelle (The True Book Addict) puts it, it is "a week of relaxed reading during which we can personally challenge ourselves and whittle away those ever looming TBR piles/shelves/libraries."

So, here are my goals for this week:
  • Finish A Clash of Kings by George R.R. Martin - I have been slowly reading this for the past, oh, 9 months? I want it done with!
  • Start and finish The Holders by Julianna Scott.
  • Start Heist Society by Ally Carter.
That's all for me. I don't want to set the bar too high, as I have a large amount of work to get done this week. But still, this seems reasonable!  I'll be updating this post daily with a wrap-up of my reading that day.

If you still want to join the Winter's Respite, you can! Just head here.


Well, despite a slow start, I think I did rather well! I got almost 100 pages further in A Clash of Kings and I managed to start and finish Heist Society (which I adored!). It was a victory, I say. :)


23 January
I caught a really bad cold pretty much just after signing up for this readathon! So, I haven't been able to get any reading done (I can never focus on pages while ill). I am hoping tomorrow I will be fully recovered and will be able to tackle my TBR books!

24 January
Pages Read: 46 (although hoping to get more done before bed!)
Book tackled: A Clash of Kings - page 645 of 969
Today has been... A slow one for reading. I only managed to read while on the bus (although reading while on public transport is one of my very favourite things).

25 January/26 January
Pages Read: 47
Book tackled: A Clash of Kings - page 692 of 969
Today has been... The thing about this book is that some chapters just fly by (Arya, Bran) while others just take ages to get through (Catelyn, I'm looking at you!).

27 January
OK, so the plan for today: finish necessary work stuff, then read Heist Society. While I am not hating A Clash of Kings, it is getting tedious!

... later that day...

Pages Read: 364
Book tackled: A Clash of Kings - page 726 of 969
Heist Society - completed!
Today has been... Victory! I finished off Heist Society in a single sitting. It was just absolutely brilliant - I am buying the sequel online right now


  1. Welcome to the read-a-thon! Glad you're giving a longer read-a-thon a shot. I find that the 24 hour ones are a major bust for me, although they are always great fun.

    We are in the same boat with Clash of Kings. I started reading it last year before the second season of Game of Thrones on HBO and didn't finish it...and still haven't. I need to finish it and the next one before the new season, but that probably won't happen. We'll see!

    Anyway, I hope you accomplish your goals this week and have fun too. =O)

    1. Glad to hear I am not the only one struggling through Clash of Kings! I'm surprised at myself, to be honest, as I got through the first book in the series within a week. Ah well.

      Looking forward to participating more once I've recovered from this fever (terrible timing!).

  2. Hope you're feeling better soon!

    1. Aww, thanks! ♥ Much better now - though I was knocked out of the game for a couple of days.

  3. That is what scares me the most about the ASOIAF series--that I'll start them and they will eat up months of my reading life. Recently I've been reading lots of really short books and graphic novels. I feel so accomplished knocking one out after another and upping my read count. I think I would just get so disheartened if one book was holding me up for ages. (or one series) I've been listening to the 20 discs of Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn and even that is killing me:) (even though I like it)

    Hey, you finished a whole book and 100 pages of another. Good on you! Glad you're feeling better.

    1. OK, now I considered myself "warned" for the Mistborn series! I have the first book sitting around somewhere and have been meaning to get to it... but not if it's going to devour my life! I'll have to take them all on a long vacation or something...

      Totally get what you mean about short books - it's one of the reasons I love YA... you get to feel like you're accomplishing a lot!!

  4. Great job! I hope you enjoyed my read-a-thon and will join me again next time (in April). =O)

    I'm working on drawing the winners for the giveaway. Please let me know if you would like the free ebook copy of John David's short story (info on the read-a-thon prize page). This is separate from the other prizes. He's giving away a free copy to all participants. Email me at truebookaddictATgmailDOTcom



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