Sunday, November 6, 2011

In My Mailbox (Nov. 6th, 2011)

In My Mailbox is hosted by Kristi at The Story Siren (inspired by Alea of Pop Culture Junkie) and indulges bookish voyeurism by letting bloggers show off what books they've gotten in their mailbox.

Boooooks! I got some other books this week, but I will just have to share those with you next time (they are just as awesome). In the mean time...

For review:
  • Arcadia Awakens by Kai Meyer - I really can't wait to start this book. The whole supernatural mafioso thing just makes me want to dig in!
  • India Dark by Kirsty Murray - Aussie author!!
  • Fins are Forever by Tera Lynn Childs - This is the sequel to Forgive my Fins. Pretty good so far.


C'est tout! What was in you mailbox?


  1. Ooh it's your first time reading Matched? That's good because then you can read Crossed straight after.

    Amy & Roger's Epic Detour is on my wishlist. It looks adorable.

  2. @prettybooks - Yep, it's my first time with Matched. I feel so *behind*. :)

  3. Oh I'm not the only one who hasn't read Matched!? :)

    Xpresso Reads

  4. Blood Bound looks so good - I have it on my shelf as well and just need a couple of spare days to read it! :)

  5. Look at some of those covers like Fins are Forever!! How funny that the printed versions are so much more colorful. Great books! I loved Matched and can't wait to get my hands on Crossed.

  6. awesome! if you like rachel vincent, she is in my author group TEEN SHIVER. we started a blog together, and if you want to stop by, there's a link on my personal blog!

  7. I can't wait to read almost all of these! Enjoy!

    Come visit my IMM and enter to win an Amazon Kindle Fire!

    Hippies, Beauty, and Books. Oh My!

  8. Great set! Fins Are Forever was very cute. India Dark sounds great.
    My IMM

  9. Blood Bound is A-MAZING! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. I love Rachel Vincent's books!

    Books of Amber

  10. Ohh enjoy your reading Amy & Roger's Epic Detour :) ;)

  11. I'm still annoyed with myself for not reading Tera Lynn's books yet. I mean, what the eff am I waiting for? For her to write so many I'll be eye-balls deep and still not be able to read them all? *sighs* Matched is another one I want to visit soon(:


    - Asher (from Paranormal Indulgence)



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