Monday, July 4, 2011

Monday Reading (July 4th, 2011)

In this weekly event hosted by One Persons Journey Through a World Of Books where we discuss what we've been reading this week (and, occasionally, what we haven't).

Currently Reading:
  • Bitten by Kelley Armstrong - Despite being a devoted fan of her YA work, it has taken me up til now to start on her adult fiction.  Bitten is great, although I can definitely tell that Kelley has grown as a writer since she published this.  
Finished this week:
  • The Touch of Twilight by Vicki Pettersson - It's official.  Joanna Archer is my least favourite heroine - supplanting Faythe from the werecats series.  Even though I enjoyed this book and love the verse, I absolutely loathe this woman.  Still, it's a series well worth reading!

Reviewed this week:


Up next from the TBR pile:
  • I think I will finally get around to finishing the Vampire Academy series this week... I only have two books left to read, so if I get cracking now I could have them all done by the time Bloodlines comes out.


    1. Woah, the UK cover for the Zodiac book is so cartoony! I had to reread your post to make sure I wasn't missing out on some graphic novel action for the series.

      I have to say, I started out loving the series and then book 4 sort of fizzled out for me. I only just bought books 5 & 6 last month so I am going to give them a go if only to have closure on the series, but they went from being a BUY THE DAY IT COMES OUT for me to a "meh, I guess I can pick this up since I need something to read". Sad. ;(

    2. @ Cat - I started out hating the UK covers, but now I'm kinda attached to them and it makes me sad that the UK publishers have chosen to only release the first 3 books. Totally know what you mean about this series fizzling out - but in my case, that happened after book 1 (which was OMG SO GREAT). 

    3. Good to hear you're enjoying Bitten - I've had a copy for YEARS but haven't gotten round to reading it yet. Story of my life ;)

    4. I have not read any of these books. It is refreshing to come across new titles. Enjoy your week and happy reading.
      My Monday:



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