Thursday, April 8, 2010

Shelf Absorbed - My YA TBR Pile (...of doom)

I buy books.  A lot of books.  And I am not always so great at organsing them.  They end up under my bed, in the closet, at my mother's house, missing in bags, etc.  So, my mission was to put all my TBR books on one neat little shelf so that I could see how many I had to read.  Simple, right?

Uh, no.  Turns out I have a lot more books to read than I thought.  To the point where the bookshelves started to creak and threatened to fall on me.  So, I thought, I will divide them into genre!  Well, it has kinda worked.

I started with my Young Adult Unread (but not unloved!) books, and will get to my UF/PNR next... it's a pretty picture, but...

Is it possible for something to make you simultaneously giddy and terrified??  Because that's where I am right now.  I am not so sure that it is a pleasant feeling.

Any recommendations on where to start?


  1. OH that's not so bad LOL! HMMM where to start, 13 Curses or City of Bones OMG that's soo good...or maybe Wake another great book or um I cant wait to hear what you think of the Uglies! :)

    Enjoy them!!

  2. Start on The Mortal Instruments. They're really great.

  3. Gret post!Jealous!I'm doing one myself :P
    Vampire Academy series hands down!Also yes,I agree with Megan,Mortal Instruments even though it's not amongst my favs.Luxe and Uglies are very good(fiction,but not supernatural)Blue Bloods series is also good, once you get the hang of it.The rest I'd love to read,too!

  4. Haha! I know exactly the feeling! My TBR pile makes me both terrified and giddy too. I was seriously discouraged when I counted the books recently and realized I had over a year of reading in quantity... and I'm still buying them!

    As to where to begin with... I really, really love the Uglies series, and City of Bones was a fun ride, full of action and twists. Wake has an interesting premise and writing, and My Soul to Take was nice (although I preferred, personally, Vincent's Werecats series).

    Aw, good luck with finding where to start out anyway! It's an everyday battle we're fighting, isn't it ;-)

  5. You need to drop everything and read City of Bones NOW! That book is full of awesomeness.

  6. i too have a TBR pile of doom - destroying the shelves in my spare room as i type! good to know i'm not the only one with this've got a great selection there, i have to say i agree with the other commentors - city of bones or vampire academy STAT!

  7. YES, you have to read City of Bones first, it is THAT good. ... and Hush, Hush is one of the best books I've read all year, and Betrayals is GREAT, and Vampire Academy ... I'd give Beautiful Creatures away, and not waste my time (:P) ... Wake is also great, once you get used to its strangeness.

    AAAHH you have so many awesome books waiting for you :D ENJOY!!!

  8. I wasn’t overly impressed with Parasite Positive. Beautiful Creatures was good. I haven’t read the others but I heard My Soul to Take is fantastic as well as City of Bones. Both are books I want to read soon.

  9. Hey! You’ve received an award on my blog (“,).

  10. I would definitely start the glass series, but only if you've read the study series. I've read the study series and we get to know the protagonist in the glass series there. Since Maria Snyder is one of my favourite authors I have not a single doubt that the glass series will be an entertaining read. The mortal instruments is also one of my all time favourites. Happy reading :)



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