Saturday, April 3, 2010

April 2010 Releases: Books I can't wait to read!

There are a lot of posts out there listing the newest releases for April 2010 - be it in UF, PNR or YA.  If you are looking for some comprehensive posts about all the great books coming out in April, check out All Things Urban Fantasy for UF releasesFiendishly Bookish for a list of PNR/UF releases, ScifiGuy's comprehensive posts about UF/PNR releases, and Fantasy/Science Fiction/SciFi Romance releases.

But I wanted to share which of these books I am looking forward to!  This is a much smaller list and, in my opinion, is only the best of the best.  Some of these have already come out, some I've already read, but all of them make April a kick-ass month for reading!


  1. Awesome books! I cannot wait to read them :D

  2. These books have the most amazing covers, I can't wait to read these too!

  3. book blog hopper here :) and follower too!
    i cant wait for the Reckoning, I loved the first two book! thanks for the post :)

  4. I forgot The Owl Keeper comes out this month! I'm looking forward to it and I love the cover.

    I think I'm the only one in the world who didn't like the first Kelley Armstrong YA novel, I have not kept up with the series at all and gave my copy of that first book away. I do love the simplicity of the covers though. They'd make great wall art.

    I'm also nervous about this Maria V Snyder book - I adore her writing, but this one seems sci-fi and I am not generally a fan. I will have to pick it up the next time I am in the store and fondle it for a while to see if we'll go further in our relationship. Heh

  5. @Cat - OMG you didn't like The Summoning? *sad face* You should try the second book in the series, The Awakening, which took me from "this is pretty good" to "OMG BEST BOOK EVER" when it came to the series.

    And yep, I am also kinda nervous about Inside Out. I love Snyder's high fantasy and think she is amazingly talented. But if it weren't for her name on the book, I am pretty sure I wouldn't be so excited.



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